Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hawaii Vacation

These are pictures of my week-long trip to Hawaii. It was bliss!

View from the room.

Fire dancer from the Luau I went to. He is the 11 year-old children's division champ of the world!

Dancers from the Luau

My brother learning to hula at the luau.

L'aie, Hawaii Temple.

Matsumoto's Shave Ice. Best in the world!

Plants from the fern grotto. Gives you a little perspective....

The Fern Grotto on the Island of Kuaui.

Pretty flowers on the island of Kuaui.

You might recognize this valley from the movie of Jurrasic Park. No dinosaur sightings...maybe a few geckos...but hey, nobobdy got ate!

One of the many blowholes at the islands.

At the windiest place on Oahu.

My brother's fun at the beach.

At Bellow's Beach.

The family looking at the ocean.

Tim in front of the USS Arizona.

USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri. The start and the end of the US involvment in WW2.

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