Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know, I know...I'm a slacker at keeping this thing up to date. Please forgive me.

Sooooo.....Recent history has been quite interesting to say the least....

1. I turned 29 in June. Yikes! I feel old just typing that. To think 30 is less than a year away. Scary. I intend to enjoy the last of my 20's. Any ideas of what I should do in the next year?

2. I got a new job. I work in a bakery on the Air Force Base nearby, right next door to the deli I used to work at about 10 years ago. Serious Deja-Vu! I do enjoy it. Steady hours and at a good paying rate. The only thing is how do I juggle 3 jobs and school? I must be crazy.

3. A few weeks ago I finished my summer intership class and passed with flying colors. Then I have started the fall semester already and have come to realize I am truly crazy trying to juggle everything on my schedule. But it is going to be worth it in the end. Stress relief tips anyone?

4. My family has inherited a kitten. Strays have been coming to my house for awhile and I have been graciously been putting food out on the front porch. There are 3 regulars that come. "Ginger" a skittish red tabby female, "Sergio" a all white male that gets around (if you know what I mean), and "Tootsie" a female kitten who has already been pregnant once and she isn't a year old yet. BUT...last week my father found out that Ginger has given birth to a litter, in the jacuzzi on the back porch and promptly captured the three kittens (all three were pure white, guess who is the father...). They were all suppose to be taken to the humane society two days later but I come home to find out that my sly mother kept one and now we are trying to get her (the kitten) and our very protective house, 15 year old cat Molly aquainted. So we have our hands full!

So that is my recent history. I hope you enjoyed it.