Friday, July 18, 2008

My Establishment

I had one of these crazy ideas last night. It kept me from getting a good nights sleep, it didn't help that I had to get up at 3:30 to drive my parents to the airport. This idea was one of those things that you had to get down on paper or my mind would go insane trying to keep the gears going. (it successfully kept me up until almost 1:30am).

This idea that randomly came was that if I owned a company or establishment this is what it would probably consist of. This is a totally random thing I don't even know if it would work.

It would be two levels. One ground level and the other like a basement. On the ground level, there would be a station for goodies. Most likely fresh bread/cinnamon buns and cold stuff (ice cream, sorbet, sherbert etc), and an old timey soda fountain. There would also be a section with soft chairs and shelves for books that customers bring in for a book swap type thing. This section is offered for book clubs, poetry readings and the like. A third section would be with checkers/chess tables (you know the ones with the game board printed on top of the tables) and customers would be able to play those games and other games to the customers liking. The establishment will probably have card games available. These table people could also eat at.

The 'basement' would be an open area with chairs and standing tables. There will be a stage at the far end. Event taking place here would be like performance arts (maybe from the local college or something). Also, like a guitars unplugged or music groups could perform. There would probably be a night for game competitions and a night for speed dating and whatever else pleases me and the masses.

This place would be only open Monday to Saturday. No smoking and no alcohol will be permitted.

Well, this crazy idea might not make it beyond this blog but it's out there now. Mabye I might get a good nights sleep tonight!

Brynn Woolf Copyright © 2008