Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tornados and Internet Cafes

I have settled in my new "home". Yup, Illinois has to watch out because I am here to stay, for a long while anyway, who knows. I have safely moved from Virginia without incident. Which can be a very good thing. I like good adventures, but smooth ones. I actually made the trip in one day, which made my trip a whirlwind one! One cold morning and 13 hours later I pulled into where the tornado has landed me. I can say it was a good landing.

I have to say, right now I am doing something that I thought I would never be doing. I am actually at an 'internet cafe' using my computer and internet. It's a very unique experience. I like the privacy of using my computer at home, but this has helped me see it in a new way. It makes me ponder a little bit. It's hard not to do anything illegal on the computer while using it in public. I wouldn't use my technology in any illegal way whatsoever anyway in public or in private. But it seems to me that the dark and dirty ways that good and wonderful technology can be used is a very private/secret thing. No wonder more bad things happen at home and in private to very good people. So no wonder it is a good idea to use technology out in the open whether it be in an often trafficed room at home or 'internet cafes'. I have always wondered what makes people do what they do. With my mentality and personality it is hard for me to understand the uttermost dark sides of people. I know it happens, I know we have to deal with it and help heal from the outcomes but it is just urksome to me. grrr!

(okay, i have now stepped off the box)