Friday, February 6, 2009


I have negleted my blog for awhile now and I feel awful. My live has been a little interesting but mostly uneventfull.

Last fall I went to a Celtic Thunder concert in St. Louis. Very exciting...i'm actually listening to them on my ipod right now. They give a good concert and they are good to look at!

I started back at school in January. I will finish with my Physical Therapy Assistant program the spring of next year. Hopefully with no hiccups. I'm just a little stress about how much I have to do by next wednesday. I think I need to be the recipient of a massage after the week is done. If I end up in a crazy house you will know why.

I started a new job at a fabric store last fall and we are in the process of moving locations so it's craziness trying to figure out what we are doing. We're in liquidation right now and trying to remember everything on sale is maddening! Oh well. We are all excited to get a superstore in April.